Just Start

I can’t tell you how many times I haven’t just started. But I can tell you why I haven’t.

Its not about tools

I always feel like I need the right tools to just start. Maybe it stems from my father’s advice to “always have the right tool for the job”. He was right, but perhaps it doesn’t apply in all circumstances.

Throughout my career as a web developer and strategist, I find myself getting caught up in software and applications. If i’m behind on a project and can’t seem to find focus, I start searching for “Basecamp alternatives” and “best task list web app”, with the intention to completely rethink the project in a new system in order to get my shit together. It never works. I install things, I uninstall them. I sign up for accounts, I cancel them. I end up hours, or days, later, in the same place, having wasted more time not just starting.

Its not about giant steps

Sometimes, when I am massively motivated, I schedule so much that I am bound to fail. I do just start in these cases, but without checking myself. I plan and promise to make such great progress, I psych myself up for the work ahead, I sit down at the computer and have a stellar day, only to realize at the end that I got maybe 1/4 of my plan completed.

I need to just start being realistic about taking baby steps, for pretty much everything.

Its not about money

I am so fortunate. I sit down to work each day and truly love what I do. I don’t love all of it, but I look forward to working with my fantastic clients, solving their problems, and helping them improve their businesses and lives. I’m sure there are better professions for me, but I feel like I am in the right one.

Having spent almost 20 years in the web industry, working for growing private companies, partnering up with a fantastic business and family man, and now doing it all on my own again, i’ve gotten to the point where I’m realizing its not about depositing large checks and putting globally recognizable logos on my resumé. For me, now, and its more about just starting to help others just start.

It is about teaching

For years, I’ve lurked on personal coaching blogs and social accounts, absorbing information. I know I have a wealth of information to share with others who want to just start. I know I have knowledge that can help people become more successful, if I could just start sharing it.

So, today, I’m going to just stop worrying about the tools, just stop trying to take giant steps, and just stop worrying about making money. I’m going to just start sharing my knowledge with the world, and I’m not going to stop.